About me

My name is Lucka Mannová and I am an illustrator, body paint artist, student and wear & clothes painter placed in the Czech Republic. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Fler.cz.


I was interested in art since primary school and I decided to develop my artistic talent at high school. But my interest in arts, particularly the illustrations and body painting, mostly started after high school.

Wear, clothes and illustrations

I create clothes for girls and boys, for ladies and gentlemen. Each piece of clothing is created with large portion of imagination, originality and story. In addition to the clothes, I create accessories and footwear. All for everyday wear.

Body painting

Thanks to my high school graduation work, I gained the experience with body painting. And it has become my favourite technique.

At your service

I make illustrations; with use for painted T-shirts, announcements, illustrations for websites and others. I also create body painting for various events or artistic photos.

For all services contact me on lusymn@gmail.com