August 18 - Ink

The smell that makes you keep going

Unfortunately I decided to start blogging right when I don't know where to jump first. But at least it pushes me forward!

Today's entry won't be about what I'm currently doing, because it would be an illustration about my head in papers. So just boring.

I would like to share with you my experiences from the drawing process. In recent days, I often doze off (at first because of the hot weather, now because the weather keeps changing - there is always an excuse), but what always wakes me up is the part when I draw with ink. It's hard to say if it's because the ink is now made differently than when I was in high school, or if it's because I have mine since I actually went to high school, but that STENCH! I thought it's just my personal opinion, but I found out that ink smells bad even in others "ateliers", not just in mine.

Anyway, this theme energized me ino making this illustration.