September 9 - Sickness

Being sick of being sick

A few days ago, I caught a flu and now I'm laying in bed, which kicked me to get back to my image blog. Sadly, the idea that I'll have time for drawing and writing blog didn't really work out... until now.

Anyway, today's illustration is a thematic one. Thanks to being sick, I had to spend at least the first two days in bed where my illustrating practice also moved. Not all of it, because I can't take the tablet there - I can't imagine how it would fit so I could draw with it - bud I pulled up my folders, some papers, pencils, brushes, inks, scissors, stickers, and so on...

For the last two days, I was working on a little paper package with a logo, so I moved my stacks of paper, scissors, and rulers, also to this new "workplace".

Two days later I found out it's actually not that great. Though it may seem like fun - relaxing in bed with a nice audiobook in my ears (now I'm listening to The Art of Asking, so I'll see how this will go) and a tea - this two day period of just laying around in bed really didn't do much good for my back and such...

... Looking forward to sitting behind a table again!