Thanks to the guys from the Motionhouse, I had an opportunity to try something new and different. And despite the fact that this project was not eventually realized, I really enjoyed illustrating it. The style is not of what I usually do, so I had a few problems and many things to work on.

In the beginning, I needed to design the hero, so I started with sketches of gorilla that would get an approval. After that I was ready to start.

At the same time we had to decide what style and mood of whole illustrations and their background would be. It was all Greek to me, but I was really excited to get into that.

The illustrations were supposed to be the basic for an upcoming animation, which of a few scenes were drawn.

This picture is a light study. The spatial element comes from the dark silhouette in front of the picture.

These are the pictures already prepared for animation. The colours and effects would be changed also in the animating phase of the whole process.