Something new arises

Something new arises

It was always important to me if what I do isn't just work in the sake of work. On Mendel University I signed up for the International Development Studies class, graduates of which work for example with the UN in New York. I wanted to go there too.

But while preparing my thesis, something happened that I wasn't prepared for. I went to the East of Thailand, to the shore of Mekong, to a village far from "civilisation". To a place where people help out one another and learn from each other. We came from Europe to teach them what they could do better, so that they could be more self-sufficient. But I learnt more from them than they from me. I began to understand the power of creative economy.

Suddenly I didn't want to sit around in the office and spend hours and hours fighting the bureaucracy. I wanted to start creating with my own hands. I loved to paint since I was little. So I thought: what if I could help others with what I love the most? So I began to practice drawing and illustrating more and more.

I illustrated, painted, and draw, and after I earned my degree, I started to make a living with my illustrations. And if there are changes, they should be big ones, me and my boyfriend said to each other and a few weeks after that, a positive test confirmed it. We don't yet know if it's a boy or a girl, we haven't even picked any names yet.

We both like stories, adventures, inspiration, and learning in fun form. We know that we want to raise our little one in a way that he or she will want to discover the world around by his or herself. Now it all made sense.

Not only for our future tot, but for all children. I want to create a book that kids can attach to. That they will want to return to. That will contain a part of them. That will motivate them to explore. That they will embrace, because it will be about them. That must inspire them.

And when they eventually grow up, this desire to explore will stick with them and will help not only them, but also others.

Exploring the world around us. That's what we are learning to do when we are little. And if nothing will put it out, the curiosity will stay with you and drive you… until the end of your days.

Personalised educational book for children

"We came up with an idea for a book, that won't be just a story, but that will pull the reader into itself with the help of practical experiments that they can try at home. Thanks to the personalisation for every child, you can ignite a real interest."