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Hope you all have a nice Friday! Do you wanna know what's better than catching Pokémon? I'v hidden Dobby somewhere in the city! I got a new idea. Well, it's an old idea, but I newly decided to return to it. And because my belly grows bigger every day, I need to get my mind occupied more and more.… do you want to know more?

Something new arises

It was always important to me if what I do isn't just work in the sake of work. On Mendel University I signed up for the International Development Studies class, graduates of which work for example with the UN in New York. I wanted to go there too. But while preparing my thesis, something… do you want to know more?

And the moustache keeps on growing…

I'm in the second half of my daily Movember project, so I've lowered the prices of my illustrations. So don't wait up and by one (or more) yourself!

KOMA festival

Live painting on canvas 180x140cm under outside for the Festival KOMA was really good. The theme was simly "Brno" and I didn't think of anything better than the iconic burning stump and a helpless lady trying to put the fire out with her parfume. That probably won't end well. Thanks to Městská… do you want to know more?


It took a lot of self persuasion, but I've finally done some stickers. Specifically these two for start:  do you want to know more?

Skateboard design

Thanks to Cult of the road I got opportunity to illustrate one of the skateboards and support a collection for miniramp in the center of Brno. In the beginign there were 9 skateboards and nine illustrators. Each of them picked up the the number which represented the theme (1-9) I allot the… do you want to know more?

The Imp and the Bowman: One and a half dragonslayers

I really liked Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit and since I am also a Game of Thrones fan, I'm really looking forward to the new season to see the three dragons again. So this whole idea of dragons in recent fantasy movies and TV series got me thinking. What if these two worlds would combine in some… do you want to know more?


  Thanks to the guys from the Motionhouse, I had an opportunity to try something new and different. And despite the fact that this project was not eventually realized, I really enjoyed illustrating it. The style is not of what I usually do, so I had a few problems and many things to work on. In… do you want to know more?

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