Illustratioon for RebelBean (great coffee).  do you want to know more?


It took me a long time before I wanted to do some screen printing. The most difficult question was the theme.  The first and hopefully not the last imprinted T-shirt is here. T-shirts are in sizes: S, M, L, XL If you would be interested in different sizes - don't hesitate to write me, everything… do you want to know more?


A very interesting idea combining art and technology arose in Brno. An idea that the Prototyp event was built on. And I had the opportunity to attend this event with my art.   Firstly I painted a dress for the Prototyp's Light Fashion Show. The theme of the dress was insipired by the Alien… do you want to know more?

Coffee Week

Thanks to the Hearts of Creation I could draw at the opening of Coffee Week. The theme was "coffee" and we could do anything on this theme. The pictures were in the end of Coffee week sold. The idea I sketched at home was not detailed but in the end the ideas came of easily.  do you want to know more?

Kitchen themed illustrations

Long time ago I promised my friend that I will make a series of pictures to decorate her kitchen. The most difficult thing of all was to come out with the theme. The pictures follow a normal day from the morning's first coffee till the evening's "TV popcorn". The pictures are drawn in coloured… do you want to know more?

The main task was to create wine labels for speakers at a symposium. The first idea was to make a cartoon but at the beginning I fought with a problem of not personally knowing any of the speakers and not all of the pictures I had were really that useful. And it is really complicated to make a… do you want to know more?

Quick sketch of myself

I wanted to try some quick sketches with marker. It took like 20 minutes and I enjoyed this kind of drawing.