Made especially for feast. do you want to know more?

Street & Body

Model: Šárka Mannová, Grip guy: Vašek Urbánek, Photographer: Tomáš Sobel    do you want to know more?


Model: Gabča Hoferová, Photographer: Tomáš sobel  do you want to know more?

Colour Duck

The design made for desktop. 

His loss

Illustration of Bowlie couple. She adores him and is giving him the flower and hoping that next time will be his turn.

Residual Man

Mascot for Quicksell s.r.o company. The part of complete visual graphic logo for the new service Zbytkáček (Residual Man) made by Oportune company.

More on: http://oportune.cz/cs/projekty/zbytkacek